NEILIT's Course Classes

Duration of the Course

Theory: 25 hrs + Practical: 50 hrs. + Tutorial: 5 hrs. This course can also be offered as 10 days full time intensive course.


Sl. No. Chapters Theory Tutorials Practical
1 Introduction to computer 2 1 4
2 Introduction to GUI Based Operating System 3 - 8
3 Elements of Word Processing 4 2 10
4 Spreadsheets 4 2 10
5 Computer communication and Internet 4 - 5
6 WWW and web browsers 2 - 3
7 Communication and Collaboration 2 - 2
8 Making small presentations 4 - 8
Grand Total 25 5 50


Study Material CCC Syllabus
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Duration of the Course

Minimum duration of the ‘O’ Level course is One Year.


Sl. No. Paper Code Subject
1 M1-R4 IT Tools and Business System
2 M1-R4 Internet Technology and Web Design
3 M3-R4 Programming and Problem Solving Through ‘C’ Language
4 M4-R4 Elective: (One Module out of the following three modules to be chosen)
M4.1-R4 Application of .NET Technology
M4.2-R4 Introduction to Multimedia
M4.3-R4 Introduction to ICT Resources
5 PR Practical (Based on M1, M2, M3, M4 module syllabus)
6 PJ Project
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Duration of the Course

Duration of the ‘A’ Level course is Five Years.


Sl. No. Paper Code Subject
1A1-R4IT Tools and Business System
2A2-R4Internet Technology and Web Design
3A3-R4Programming and Problem Solving Through ‘C’ Language
4A4-R4Computer System Architecture
5A5-R4Structured System Analysis and Design
6A6-R4Data Structures through ‘C++’
7A7-R4Introduction to Database Management System
8A8-R4Basics of Os, Unix and Shell Programming
9A9-R4Data Communication and Network Technologies
10A10-R4Elective (One out of the following two subjects to be chosen)
A10.1-R4Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming through Java.
A10.2-R4Software Testing and Quality Management
11PR-1Practical -1(Based on A1, A2, A3, A4 module syllabus)
12PR-2Practical -2 (based on A5,A6,A7,A8,A9,A10 modules syllabus)
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